About Us

Executive Summary


•      ArkiMatics Corporation (AMC) is an Outsourced Services Provider to the construction industry. AMC adheres to the principle: ‘Conform to the clients’ requirements and deliver accordingly the Architectural and Engineering Services required.’


•      AMC provides: Architectural Design, Engineering, AutoCAD and Documentation/Document Control Services to the construction industry.


•      AMC has a staff of Architects, Engineers and specialists with extensive construction experience in both commercial and industrial developments. Working with Consultants, Designers, General and Main Contractors and Trade Contractors, our expertise ensures that your project will be delivered cost-effectively, on time and to the requirements.


•      It is our mission to be recognized as one of the most progressive Services Provider to the Construction Industry in the market. Providing our clients with a cost effective service delivering their projects on time and exceeding their expectations, ensuring growth and financial returns in line with agreed business targets.


•      The experience of the team members covers: Architectural Design, MEP Design and Consulting and Shop Drawing Production.



Brief History


ArkiMatics  Corporation (AMC)  began  in  Manila  and  has  been  providing  design  services (Architectural  and  Engineering), energy  saving solutions, engineering consulting, architectural lighting, external signage, FDAS designed systems, and internal lighting solutions to the construction industry.


AMC and its shareholders have executed key projects (see project reference for details) in Macau and other Asian countries.





ArkiMatics Corporation offers its premium services in the following areas:


Architectural & Engineering:


  • BIM Solutions utilizing Revit for AEC & MEP Industry

  • CAD Drafting

  • Design Development

  • Drawing Production Management

  • 3D Modeling and Rendering

  • Fire Detection, Alarm &  Suppression System Design & Specifying


Lighting Design & Engineering:


  • Architectural Lighting Design

  • Lighting Design CAD Integration

  • Specifying


Residential Design & Build



Our Directors




                   Mennard Aglipay is a licensed and experienced Design + Build Architect utilizing 3D Modeling Information / Management from Design & Engineering to Project Delivery. Experienced on a wide variety of projects from small residential to high-rise developments etc. Mennard continuously and consistently adds wider international project experiences and integrates it with the 3D Modeling process. He continuously collaborates with industry professionals for the advancement of Architecture.


A highly experienced and knowledgeable professional Architect, Mennard directs BIM Services through Remote Support (RS) – (outsourced BIM production services) and BIM Staff Secondments with ArkiMatics team of experienced BIM specialists that are adept at parametric modeling apart from having direct construction experience in implementing BIM models. Mennard continues to be involved in off-shore/on-shore Outsourced / Work-share services in the CAD production and 3D-Visualization sector from concept and early-stage start-ups to multi-tiered operations.





                   Loran Sivers came up through the ranks of concrete construction; he was a journeyman cement mason and prior to joining forces with Mr. Aglipay was a nuclear civil superintendent on several twin nuclear facilities in the United States and worked throughout Asia beginning in 1988 to the present. Loran is the Sales/Marketing & Commercial Director of ArkiMatics.


Together, Mr. Sivers and Mr. Aglipay have more than 75 years of combined construction related experience.